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Система аварийного приводнения, ZODIAC

Артикул: 23595

30 000 €

Предлагаем на продажу систему аварийного приводнения для вертолетов Ми-8 Ми-17 ZODIAC, 2009 года выпуска. 

Находится на складе в Германии, не была использована.

KAZAN HELICOPTERS is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of helicopters. Their experience in this domain dates from the early 1950’s. Its present helicopters, the Ml- 8 and MI-17, have been produced in over 10 000 units since 1965 and are in sen/ice worldwide.

AERAZUR is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of emergency flotation systems. It is currently exclusively supplying flotation systems for the complete Eurocopter France range, the Eurocopter Deutschland EC135 and BK117-C2, and the Agusta AB212/412/205.
KAZAN HELICOPTERS and AERAZUR have combined their expertise to develop an emergency flotation system for the MI-8 and MI-17 range or helicopters (including the MI-172 export version). This sytem uses the latest technologies in lightweight material.


The Aerazur/Kazan emergency flotation system (EFS) affords the stable buoyancy of the helicopter following an inadvertent ditching, allowing the safe egress of the crew and passengers. In an emergency situation, the EFS can be activated immediately by the pilot pressing an electrical switch. This system is comprised of: • Two forward floats, each of 1.83 cubic meter inflated capacity, packed into aluminum alloy containers. These containers are fixed onto each side of the helicopter forward fuselage. • Two aft floats, each of 6.00 cubic meter inflated capacity, packed into aluminum alloy containers.
These containers are fixed onto the hubs of e a c h ____ of the main undercarriage wheels. • Sic DOT-approved lightweight composite wound gas inflation cylinders, fixed under the helicopter fuselage in composite protection packs. • A system of supply hoses for float inflation. • An electrical activation system.

Aerazur also provides Liferaft and Lifevest to complement the security of the crew and passengers of the MI-8 / MI- 17 helicopters during extended overwater flights.


Total system weight: 220 kg • Operating conditions: -45°C to+70°C • Inflation time : less than 5 sec. At 15°C • Material is flame resistant in accordance with FAR 25-853.
• Gas cylinders are approved to US/DOT-E. • System is qualified by Kazan Helicopters to all areas of the flight envelope. • System is compatible with all MI-8 and MI-17 versions.
Inflation Installation of the flotation system on new and used helicopters, with containers and activation subsystems, is performed by Kazan Helicopter.

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