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Light convertible transport airplane AN-74TK-100 is a modification (variant) of the transport airplane AN-74 for the Arctic and the Antarctic. The aircrafts of the type considered are intended for transportation of passengers, cargo and machinery in the small- and medium-haul lines.
The aircraft AN-74TK-100 meets the Airworthiness Codes for Civil Airplanes applicable to the baseline airplane AN-74, has an Airworthiness Certificate (Type Certificate) No. 13-74 dated 02.08.1991 and supplements to the Type Certificate No. 13-74/03 and 13/74/04.
The airplane is built as a high-wing aircraft with two fan-type engines D-36 series 2A or D-36 series 3A with a takeoff thrust of 6,500 kgf each, installed over the wing, and T-shaped empennage. The airplane is designed for takeoffs and landings from/to small-scale airfields (from 800 meters and more).
The airplane can transport up to 52 passengers or up to 10,000 kg of cargo, as well as some combinations of passengers and cargo. Re-equipment of the airplane transport cabin according to the specified application variants shall be carried out by the operator's forces and means in minimal time.
The airplane crew consists of a pilot-in-command, a co-pilot, a navigating officer, and a panel operator; if necessary, one person of the attending personnel - a steward (for passenger's variant) or transport equipment operator (for cargo variant).
The crew cabin is located in the fuselage nose section; the rest part houses a utility compartment and a passenger's (cargo) compartment. The cargo hatch opening is covered with a ramp that can be lowered to the ground and used as a stairway, or shifted forward under the fuselage to ensure convenient loading of the airplane directly from the truck body. A complex of transport equipment is used on the airplane for loading cargoes into the A/C.
High power-to-weight ratio, availability of the auxiliary power unit (APU) on the airplane for independent start-up of engines and on-board handling means, high location of engines and landing gear design with the low-pressure tires provide independent operation of the airplane both on the aerodromes with paved runways and on the natural ground, pebbled, ice and snowed up runways.
The main performance characteristics of the A/C AN-74TK-100 are given in Table 1 below:

Table 1

Wing span, m 31.89
Airplane length, m 28.07
Airplane height, m 8.65
Weight, kg  
empty airplane 20,140
maximum takeoff weight 36,500
Type of engine 2 TFEs D-36 series 3А or 2А
Maximum speed, km/h 750
Cruise speed, km/h 580-700
Ferry range, km 4,250
Operational range, km  
with maximum load 950
with 52 passengers 2,750
Service ceiling, m 10,100
Crew, men 4
Useful load: up to 10,000 kg of cargo or 52 passengers
or 12 passengers and 6,000 kg of cargo
or 20 passengers and up to 4,500 kg of cargo

Manufacture of the airplanes AN-74 (in different variants) has started in the middle 1980s and continues through present.
However, about 10 airplanes of all AN-74 modifications have been manufactured over the last 20 years. All of them were delivered to different governmental structures. Not a single airplane of the considered type has been delivered to the commercial companies over the mentioned period; this can be explained by extremely high cost of new A/Cs (up to 30 million US dollars).
At the present moment, not more than 18 aircrafts of AN-74 type (AN-74ТК- 100/100С/200 variants) manufactured in 1994-2000 are in operation at the civil aviation companies around the world.
From the point of view of operation the airplanes of AN-74 type are "niche" ones. They have the competitive advantages if necessary to perform transportation on natural ground or snow-covered runways, aerodromes with short runways. A possibility to transport passengers and cargo in different combinations, as well as quick conversion of the A/C cabin are the advantages at flights to directions where stable commercial load is absent. The availability of a ramp and own loading equipment makes it possible to transport heavy and large-size cargoes from aerodromes that do not have their own loading equipment.
The airplanes of the considered type are equipped with engines D-36 series 2A or 3A, serially produced by the "Motor Sich" enterprise (Ukraine). Engines of such type shall be installed only on A/C of AN-72/AN-74 type and their modifications. The situation with the engines is similar to that with the fuselage. The majority of engines being in operation have depleted their assigned lives and times between overhauls. The system of step-wise extension of the assigned life, developed by the designing enterprise (SE "Ivchenko-Progress", Ukraine) makes it possible to continue operating the aircrafts to 10,000 hours or 27 years from the date of engine manufacture. In order to perform each step of the service life extension the operators shall attract specialists of the manufacturing enterprise on the contract base. Each extension shall be approved by the corresponding authorities of the A/C registration country.
According to information available the RF civil aviation authority (Rosaviatsiya) in the last two years has stopped approving the service life extension furnished by SE "Antonov"/SE "Ivchenko-Progress", which shall lead, as a matter of fact, to termination of operation of the old A/Cs of the considered type in the Russian Federation.
At the same time, the aviation authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other countries in which the aircrafts of the considered type are operated, shall automatically admit the service life extension made by the A/C and engine designers, due to which we do not expect any problems in the near future with operation of aircrafts AN-74TK-100 entered into the Register of Civil Aircrafts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Data for the An-74TK-100 aircraft as of 06/08/2023

Aircraft type An-74TK-100
Identification mark UR-...
Date of manufacture 26/06/1997
Plaque from the beginning of operation 10274 hours / 3615 tso
Remaining assigned resource 741 hours (extended to 11000 hours)
Assigned service life until 06/26/2018
When, what was the last CRW performed 18/12/2016
(control and restoration work)


CRW -1 of the second cycle until 06/10/2019

Operation according to technical
condition with a phased extension
of the appointed CSL (calendar
service life)
up to 40 years (26.06.2037)

Table 2

Type AE D-36 ser 1/2 AFS D-36 ser 1/2 AFS TA-12
# 1 2 Auxiliary power unit
Factory number 708036461А002 708360201024 33012031
Date of issue 1987 1992 25/09/1993
Date of CR - - 20/10/2004
Number of repairs 0 0 1
Operating time TTSN (Total
Time Since New)
2737 / 1463 5957 / 2630 590 hours / 2180 launch
Operating time TSO (Time
Since Overhaul)
- - 295 hours / 1225 launch
Established designated resources - - 4000 hours / 8000 launch
Established resource, service life - - After CRW 500 hours / 1400 launch

Фото: Артём Аникеев - AviaPressPhoto / russianplanes.net.

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